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boys come and go like tampons.

"On the other side of that door, here is what you don’t know: I am aching and I am still in love with you. You don’t know this because I haven’t told you. I haven’t told you because I am not the same kind of brave that you are. I have to remind myself to be sorry a hundred times a day for not being what you need. I have not learned to peel myself like you. I have not learned to stand naked in front of people and not worry that they’re going to ruin me. Here is to you. Here is to your proud vulnerability. I am still learning. One day I will tell you with my chin up, proud. One day I will let you hold the shaking nerves of me. But today, I am still learning."

Azra.T “A Different Kind of Brave.” (via 5000letters)


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my heart says yes but my bank balance says no


thru Aug 3:“Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963–2010”The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 St., NYCSigmar Polke (German, 1941–2010) was one of the most voraciously experimental artists of the twentieth century. This retrospective is the first to encompass the unusually broad range of mediums he worked with during his five-decade career, including painting, photography, film, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, television, performance, and stained glass, as well as his constant, highly innovative blurring of the boundaries between these mediums. Masquerading as many different artists—making cunning figurative paintings at one moment and abstract photographs the next—he always eluded easy categorization.

How do you like to make love?



I like to eat chocolate. 


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Anna Tunnicliffe, Chyna Cho and Kara Webb took the top three spots, respectively, in the The Beach this morning.


Finally, some good advice from Cosmo


The tweet that saved the entire female population